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The Pursuit of Happyness

Sex and drugs. Discos and bars.Music and wine. Cocktails and meetings. Charity meetings and philantrophy.

What is it that makes all theses people feel ok with themselves ? How does sex and drugs enhance your existence and why should your existence be enhanced ? I really wonder what makes all theses people believe they deserve their place on earth. There are some that believe that by not doing something bad to others they are, in fact, doing something good and that they should be rewarded. Discos and bars are places where one goes to meet people and communicate ... hardly true anymore. These are place to show off, to display whatever glamor one might think one has. Rarely one's activities affect the world in a positive way and even then only by some standards.

People no longer sit down and judge themselves, they just devolve with every passing day. I hate everything we have achieved to become. We return things because we (think we) deserve better ones, we eat only enhanced fruit we have laws that protect us from ourselves. Most people are selfish. The carpenter, the engineer, the con, the hair-dresser,the tailor, the salesman ... nobody ever takes the time to sit the down and ask himself if every second spent spent on earth was a waste of time and resources.

There was this question posted on youtube : "Why do you wake up every morning ?" Most answers included pictures of boyfriends,girlfriends,kids,parents ... etc. I find it hard to understand that. The number that represents the world's population has 10 figures and increments by 3 every passing second. None of the things mentioned above is unique yet, without a serious purpose, they exist.

Einstein, Picasso ... etc all of them had their image of the world and tried to find their place in it. Nobody does this anymore. We are a heard heading to the butcher.

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  1. noah…asta numesc eu o tema la care poti sa discuti zi-noapte si la final sa fii mai incurcat si cu mai multe intrebari decat in momentul in care ti-a venit ideea sa te gandesti la “pursuit of happyness”(si acum imi dau seama ca initial am citit “pursuit of happens” :P ).
    Ce sa intalnit oameni care se multumeau sa stea in afara actiunii,sa fie pasivi,reci,incolori,inodori si insipizi…ideea e tare:de ce sa te bagi in ceva,sa risti sa spui prostii sau si mai rau sa faci vreo prostie cand poti sa nu te legi cu nimic la cap.Dom’le,am o viata si aia vreau s-o traiesc linistita,nu?Numai ca fiecare om are o parere(oricat de slab conturata) referitor la ceva.Si in fine,chiar daca nu are…nu asta e problema.Problema e atunci cand si-o inabuse si nu o lasa sa se dezvolte din cauza lasitatii,ignorantei,limitarii sau a izolarii totale de lume. Si dintre astea, care ar fi cea mai periculoasa? Cred ca limitarea, pentru ca am intalnit ceva oameni care nu vroiau nicicum sa auda altceva decat ceea ce stiau ei ca trebuie sa auda.Si am intalnit si oameni la polul opus…care vedeau in limitare sugrumarea dorintelor,gandurilor si actiunilor pe care vroiau sa la faca.Si acum cine poate sa-mi spuna pana unde merge independenta?Pana ajungi sa faci si sa experimentezi tot,dand din coate si calcand peste altii doar de dragul de a putea zice:”eu le-am facut pe toate”. Sincer, prefer sa ma lipsesc de asta. Nu cred ca rostul oamenilor pe pamant,motivul pt care se trezesc dimineatza e un maraton nebun dupa senzatii tari.
    Eu una m-as simti foarte bine daca intr-o dimineazta m-as trezi cu sentimentul ca am inteles cu adevarat ca viata exista si e in mine.

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